You never get a second chance… First impressions count. As you walk up and enter the house, what do you see? Are weeds growing? Is the landscaping in need of flowers and potted plants? Are the porch and walkways swept? Are there coats and piles of shoes to greet you as you walk in? The house should look lovingly cared for

A room with a view. Dirty screens and dingy windows quite literally ruin the view and keep the full effect of natural light at bay. Your guests or prospective buyers may not even consciously realize why they feel claustrophobic, but they’ll certainly notice a nice view.

Do you pass the “Barefoot Test? Nothing says ‘home’ quite like walking around barefoot indoors. If your flooring is dirty, distressed or stained it will make your guests feel like standing on a chair instead. Imagine children playing on those floors.

Perform a Smell Check. Not everyone “smells” the same. Funny–or funky–odors are the unseen deal killer. But don’t just try to cover them up with perfumes or baked cookies. Better to fix the issue and make sure you don’t lose by a nose