Before we start…. while you are living in your home do what ever you want to make you happy. That is what home ownership is for. This is about trying to sell your home.

1. Converting bedrooms (to gyms, studies, closets, etc.) When you advertise your home having 4 bedrooms, folks want to see 4 bedrooms. I know someone who converted one of her bedrooms to a closet and she loved it. But when the time came to sell, she had no offers till she took all the shelves out and made it a bedroom again. Smart move.

2. Hot Tubs. Now I LOVE my hot tub, but if you have one that has seen better days…. have it removed. Last thing you want is to have someone like your home then go into the back yard and think, what the heck am I going to do with that thing. And how am I going to get rid of it.

3. Painting internal trim. Remember, you want buyers to picture their own stuff in your house. Keep it basic.

4. Themed bedrooms. Again, you want buyers to picture themselves living in your home. You may love your jungle bedroom, but a potential buyer may not like the swinging monkey hanging from the ceiling. Or the built in jungle music playing in the background

5. Over Landscaping. Low maintenance but attractive.

Now there will be other ideas your realtor will give you if needed. But these are a good start