Live Animals: Believe it or not, some sellers keep live, unclean and potentially dangerous animals in homes for sale. Wendy English, recalls an uncaged rabbit that she says was “disgustingly smelly” and would chase people and try to bite them when they entered the home.

Animal Head Trophies: Dead animals also can be problematic. By the way, not everyone loves pets either, so food bowls, litter boxes, play toys and the like should be removed from a home when it’s being shown to buyers.

Flags: Flags invoke a strong emotion. “You never expect to see a Nazi flag hanging on the wall,” One agent said. “But we walked into a seemingly vanilla suburban house and into what appeared to be a teenager’s bedroom and there was a giant flag with a swastika on it hanging on the wall.”

Sports Memorabilia: Sports team rivalries fuel strong emotions, and a seller’s spirted support of the “wrong” team can create a sour impression. Having your house decked out in your team might not offend buyers, but it will color the way they think about that house

Mystery Rooms: When buyers want to see a house, they expect to see the whole house, not just parts of it. That makes a locked room a big turn off. Whatever’s behind the door might be innocuous, but buyers have no way to know for sure as long as they’re kept out. Every so often there will be a house where the homeowner will have a locked room that you can’t see and that always makes buyers say, ‘Forget it,’