Are you running out of places to squirrel stuff away and fear you may soon experience a clutter crisis? Check out these six sneaky home storage spots you might have overlooked.

Kitchen cabinet door backs can handle light loads of hanging storage for mixer attachments, measuring cups and spatulas. Screw cup hooks into the back of the door or use adhesive hooks for damage-free hanging. Space items, so they don’t interfere with closing doors.

Over the toilet shelving can handle everything from towels and toiletries to hair styling tools. You can find a variety of inexpensive and prebuilt shelves at your local retailer or hardware store that can fit in bathrooms where elbowroom is at a premium.

Full-length mirrors make an ideal facade to hide a long cabinet. Find plenty of prefabricated choices online and at home decorating stores.

Above door or window shelving can expand storage in bathrooms, pantries, or walk-in and utility closets. Keep shelves from looking cluttered by storing items in decorative container boxes that fit shelving depths.

The sides of dressers or cabinetry are the perfect place to add racks and hooks for light loads. In a bedroom, add racks to hold belts, ties or scarves. In the kitchen, store pot holders, aprons and towels with uncluttered ease.

The space between appliances and walls offers a frequently unused spot to stash stuff. In the laundry room, for example, sneak in a small rolling cabinet to hold laundry detergent, bleach and fabric softeners. In the kitchen, a sliding pantry pocket can hold spices and canned goods, freeing up cabinet space.