9 Resume Refreshers

9 Resume Refreshers

Refreshing your résumé is a task that should be scheduled at least once per year, early in the year, both as a reminder of where you’ve been and to give you a jump-start on a successful year ahead. Here are nine ways to make sure you stand apart from the crowd:

Telegraph your passion. Your résumé should instantly communicate a laser-focused headline. In marketing, this technique is called “telegraphing.” Here are some examples:

  • “CPA Backed by Corporate Audit Experience”
  • “Real Estate Professional 15 Years Locally”
  • “Graphic Design and Animation Specialist”

Open with a bang. Underneath your headline, in one or two sentences at most, summarize your best points and experience. If you’re thinking about a career change, target the specific field in this section. Avoid making your résumé too general; broader is not better when employers are looking for specific skills.

Upgrade the basics. Refresh your employment, skills and accomplishments so that any job changes, promotions, expanded responsibilities and new skills are included.

Add professional activities. Professional development shows your passion for your career, so don’t forget to include any activities completed, certificates, degrees, courses and in-service training.

Mention memberships. Professional organizations, industry conferences, and training programs you’ve completed also show your commitment to develop into an asset that employers want to hire.

Edit the old stuff. Adding new information to your résumé only makes it longer, so make sure to decrease the details on older or less relevant experience. Expendable items include obsolete technology, software and where you went to high school if you now have a college degree.

Show it around. Don’t rely solely on a spellchecker or your own eyes to proofread for mistakes. Ask a few colleagues and friends to look things over carefully.

Collect your kudos. Start a file for your successes: performance reviews, complimentary notes, congratulatory emails, thank you cards, and especially details of quantifiable results such as percentages, dollar amounts, and before and after comparisons. With this information you can punch up your résumé at a moment’s notice.

Don’t forget the web. Apply these tips to your online presence. Don’t forget your LinkedIn profile, and also add any kudos received to a website or blog to give yourself a boost of social proof.