Tips to stay secure during tax season

Tips to stay secure during tax season It’s everyone’s favorite time of year—tax season. Cybercriminals are positively drooling at the prospect of all that personal data out there on the Internet for the taking. So what’s the worst that can happen? In a couple words: identity theft. Nearly 250,000 new reports of identity theft were [...]

The Rise of 2017

As the books were closed on 2016, many economic indicators were on the rise. Some signal good news for those in the market to buy a home. Housing Starts Surge For regions struggling with limited housing inventory, Housing Starts may provide some hope. December Housing Starts surged 11.3 percent from November. On another positive note, [...]

ALERT: Wire Fraud at Closing

Here's how the scam works: Hackers break into a consumer's or real estate professional's email account to search for upcoming real estate transactions and closing dates. Then, hackers pose as the agent or title officer and email the homebuyer with a last-minute change to the wiring instructions. Should buyers wire money to the account, they [...]

Security in 2017: Ransomware will remain king

2016 was the year of ransomware, with hackers focusing their attention on exploiting Internet users and businesses around the world for profit. Research shows no sign of this security nightmare slowing down in 2017. Hackers are becoming more advanced, and ransomware remains an incredibly easy, lucrative way for them to make money.

Fake Apps Growing During Holiday Season

The New York Times has reported that there has been an influx of fake retail chain apps, such as Nordstrom and Zappos during the start of the holiday shopping season, and while they appear legitimate, if installed, cyber criminals can steal victims’ personal information and install Trojan horses that steal confidential information from smartphones and [...]