New FHA Rules On Buyers With Student Loans

Up till now if you had student loans, a lender could use your current payment towards your debt ratios. On June 30th that will all change. Starting July 1st we will need to use 1% of your student loan balance as your payment. Example,  if you current payment is $54 per month but you owe [...]

Keeping Kids Busy This Summer

Beat the Summer Doldrums There comes a time in every summer vacation when the blockbusters have been seen, the video games have been beaten, and the movie and television selections are stale—that's when parents and guardians everywhere hear a familiar: "We're bored!" So check out these budget-friendly activities to help you create a summer vacation [...]

How to unplug on vacation

With the holidays upon us there are many who are taking vacations this time of year. When your work follows you on vacation, these tips will help you enjoy your time with less stress and office distraction: Set Up Smarter Out-Of-Office Messages Want to avoid the email and voicemail backlog upon your return? Inform your [...]

Credit Scores vs. Interest Rates

I'm asked quite often what credit scores have to do with mortgage interest rates. Bottom line, a lot. Where's the Proof? You don't have to look much further than this chart, which shows what kind of interest rates you could get - based on your credit score. The data is pulled by myFICO, a division [...]

What To Look For In A Lender

Four simple questions your lender should be able to answer. If they can't, run, don't walk, to one who knows. Odds are you are dealing with an "order taker" who knows nothing about the business. 1. What are mortgage interest rates baised on? The only correct answer is Mortgage Backed Securities or the Bond Market. [...]

Be Sure And Insure Your Vacant Home

As the housing market continues to be slow, some homeowners choose to move on, whether to pursue a new job, downsize or simply relocate. But it's very risky financially to leave your home vacant unless you adjust your homeowners insurance accordingly. Some insurers may not pay claims if a home is vacant for 60 days [...]