With the holidays upon us there are many who are taking vacations this time of year.

When your work follows you on vacation, these tips will help you enjoy your time with less stress and office distraction:

Set Up Smarter Out-Of-Office Messages
Want to avoid the email and voicemail backlog upon your return? Inform your contacts of your return date, your limited phone and email access, and that you’ll get back to them when you return. Also provide a back-up person’s contact details for urgent requests.

Leave the Work Devices…At Work
This will help you avoid the temptation to stay plugged in. But what if your office laptop and work cell phone double as your personal devices? For your cell phone: get a pay-as-you go SIM card from your carrier and swap it out during the trip. For your laptop: create a separate user ID that only gives you access to personal applications.

Block Out Time To Check-In
If you must check work email or voicemail during your trip, schedule it once a day. Take 15 minutes in the morning or evening to check email and catch up. Just inform your family and traveling companions so they know you’ll be in work-mode during this time only.

Turn Off Notifications
Disable work-related notifications on your phone and computer for the length of your vacation. Mac or iOS: Disable notifications app-by-app or use the Do Not Disturb feature. Android: turn off notifications app-by-app or turn off notifications globally. Windows: use an alternate user account or turn off
reminders app-by-app, such as in Outlook.