In a new warning, the Federal Bureau of Investigation warns account holders of a new spam email scheme that involves a type of malware called “Gameover.” The scheme involves fake emails from the National Automated Clearing House Association, the Federal Reserve or the FDIC. These messages attempt to trick recipients into clicking on a link to resolve some type of issue with their accounts or a recent ACH transaction. Once you click on the link, Gameover takes over your computer, and thieves can steal usernames, passwords and your money.
Here are a few crucial steps to take to avoid falling victim to this type of Internet crime.
• Keep your computer and mobile device updated with the newest versions of anti-virus software.
• If you have any doubts about an email sender’s authenticity, do not click on any embedded links.
• Remember, banks never request any personal information via email.
• Be vigilant about checking your account balances. The sooner you notice and report any type of fraudulent activity, the more likely you’ll be able to be reimbursed for any missing funds.