According to the University of Zurich, there are 5 traits to happiness.
Character strengths can be defined as traits that are rated as morally positive. That they are positively linked to life satisfaction has already been shown in many studies. That they have a causal effect on life satisfaction and that practicing them triggers an increase in the sense of wellbeing, however, has now been proved. So, how many do you have?
1. Curiosity
Delve deeper into a subject you may have glossed over or taken for granted. Read articles or books that cover a different angle than one you’re familiar with. Ask questions and follow where they lead.
2. Optimism
Try to find at least one good thing in every situation. Believe good things will happen.
3. Gratitude
Start a gratitude journal by recording three good things you appreciate each day you’ve never stopped to notice before.
4. Humor
Give yourself permission to laugh and enjoy something silly.
5. Enthusiasm
Allow yourself to get caught up in the moment. Feed off the energy of others, and don’t censor your emotions.