Whether you write a blog, a newsletter or even just try to attract business on Facebook, posting like a pro can be easy.

Try to give value instead of go viral. No amount of shock value, “grabber” headlines or sarcasm will help revive superficial content. So focus on the purpose of writing: to share, inspire, educate and entertain.

Don’t promote too obviously or too frequently. If your writing is value-driven and honest, you’ll never need to “work in” why people should hire you, or use dramatic calls to action. Speak from the heart; people will follow.

Remember the old adage to “write what you know.” If your specialty is first-time buyers, don’t write a piece focusing on foreign investors. Or, if your specialty is beach bungalows, don’t put pressure on yourself to write about mountain retreats. The easiest way to eliminate writer’s block is to write about your passions. You’ll sound like an expert, too!

Don’t just feature your own ideas. Presenting perspectives other than your own can keep your writing fresh and also boost your followers. Mix it up with interviews, other’s opinions and exploring different perspectives. This also is key to keeping things lively as well as engaging. Above all, remember that the best writing, including advertising, is about connecting with your audience in a conscious, service-oriented and heartfelt way.