You may have heard that home loan rates improved recently, and remain at some of their best levels in the past 12 months, according to Freddie Mac.

This is great news for homebuyers who have been on the fence and for homeowners worried they missed out on recent refinancing opportunities.

But there’s time-sensitive information to keep in mind…

Slow economic data here in the U.S. along with renewed concerns about the global economy are the main reasons rates recently improved.

Home loan rates may also be impacted in the coming months as the Federal Reserve winds down its program of Bond-buying, which has helped boost housing since late 2012. Since home loan rates are tied to Mortgage Bond market activity, any fluctuations here may be felt in home financing costs. This is why it’s important to act now.

If you or anyone you know has any questions about taking advantage of this opportunity, give me a call. I’m here to help and answer any questions.