Remember the days of “sub prime” lending? You know back when you could have bad credit, no credit, bad income, no income, and the government would still force the banks to give you a home loan? And remember what happened? Yep, the housing melt down. When, by what a surprise, all these loans were foreclosed on since the homeowners couldn’t make their payments in the first place. Well it seems history could repeat its self. A group of housing advocates ( those people who are only looking out for YOUR best interest ) are pushing banks to lend to folks who don’t qualify for a normal home loan. But this time it’s going to be called a “dignity mortgage”.  And since greed is such a good motivating factor, banks are actually listening to these people. After all, what can possibly go wrong…. banks can charge higher interest rates than normal thus making WAY more money. And of course if the loans default (which they will) the banks can always get the government to bail them out again just like last time. Who cares if the tax payers get to foot the bill again. Cause after all, it’s really not the government’s money, is it.