Thomas Daigle made paying off his mortgage extra special this year. The Milford, Mass., resident showed up at his mortgage lender’s establishment with 62,000 pennies to pay his $620 loan balance, according to The Milford Daily News
Daigle and his wife, Sandra, moved into their home 35 years ago. After borrowing from the Milford Federal Savings and Loan Association and purchasing the home, Daigle promised himself he would make the final payment in pennies.
Being a man of his word, he started collecting an average of 2.5 pennies a day. He tried holding the pennies in a grape crate, which proved to be overwhelming. So, he secured military rocket launcher ammo boxes to contain the colossal coin collection.
Daigle used rainy and snowy days to roll up pennies by the 50. When he would pick up a penny and declare that it was going toward the mortgage, Sandra would laugh — not realizing the extent of his savings.
The “pay off my mortgage” day landed on April 24, the same day Daigle and his wife celebrated their 35th anniversary. Milford Federal was given a heads up about a month before he made the delivery. The bank says every penny roll was perfectly counted.