Wonder where a dollar or say $2,000,000 can be stretched to buy that ideal home? The ultra wealthy need look no further.
In their Real Estate Special Report, CNN Money has published the following:
Manhattan – Oh Manhattan, where the median home price in the borough tips $955,000 – the highest level in more than six years. For just under $2,000,000 you can own a 1br/1.5ba, 1,100 square feet, one-bedroom condo in the Tribeca complex, comes in at more than $1,800 per square foot.
Paris – No doubt a bargain location as home prices have dropped 20%-25% from 2012. You can now fetch a 3br/2ba, 2,000 square foot apartment for $2,376,045 or if you insist on a view of the Eiffel Tower you will have to settle for 1,600 square feet.
Tuscany – For those who want a touch of the Italian countryside, there is a 5,704 square foot, 8br/6ba Tuscan villa (with a pool) in Lucca for just over $2 million. If you can wait a bit, prices are dropping a little, these days.
Ocean Ridge, FL – A bargain community compared to neighboring Delray Beach and Palm Beach, you can buy a 4,600 square foot, 4br/4.5ba, with a pool, water views and deeded beach access.
Playa Ocotal, Costa Rica – There is a private villa that has 6,499 square feet, 7br/7.5ba and will sleep 18 people for $2,200,000. Oh, by the way it comes with a view of the bay and its own sea breeze.
Toronto – Toronto, is a town where the prices are on the rise, according to Teranet-National Bank House Price Index. A relatively new (2013 build) 3,000 square foot, 4br/5ba home with 10’ ceilings.
Rio de Janeiro – If you’re thinking about moving south to Brazil, where the currency is shrinking, consider this bargain penthouse for $1,993.755. It is 2,282 square feet and sports 2br/2ba. But it does have a private pool and barbecue area.
Beverly Hills – Home at last! Rub elbows with the rich and famous, where prices jumped 6.7% last year, pushing the median home value up to $2,792,000. Among the $25,000,000 estates you can find this humble 2br/3ba, 1,787 square foot bungalow for $2,395,000 on Zillow. And it’s even located on a cul-de-sac.