Adjustable Rate Mortgages can offer a borrower a wide variety of benefits when compared to traditional fixed rate mortgages, including:

  • ARMs can offer initial lower rates*
  • ARMs can offer initial lower payments
  • ARMs can be an excellent choice when short term rates are low and the 10-year bond and treasury yields are high
  • ARM products allow you to offer your customer some of the more competitive rates today and establish a relationship for future assistance, especially if rates decline
  • 1 year LIBOR at historically low rates
  • ARMs may be beneficial for first-time home buyers who plan to sell within a few years
  • ARMs may be great for borrowers who have short-term housing needs
  • ARMs can be beneficial for borrowers whose income may go up in the future

If you think an adjustable rate mortgage might be the right fit for you, please let me know